DECEMBER 3–10 2016

Exhibition Proposal Statement

At The Stolbun Collection, it is my intention to install an extension of my marker titled sunlight of an absent sun.  The objective of the piece is to exist momentarily in the collection and where visibility is controlled.  It has direct correlation with the existence of marginalized bodies in institutions; they exist, yet are rarely validated.  sunlight of an absent sun is a marker that signifies my origin, a border artist that has experienced the effects of violence and loss and its effects have been an accumulation of death imagery.  In constructing the space, the work does not seek to be didactic or generate empathy, but to exist in temporal suspension.  The marker consists of paper on charcoal that extends to the floor and is attached to the walls by staples.  Only live streaming and photographs will document the work as it’s being made in the space and as a finished product.  The dialogue to engage in will be made through the documentation of the work and not within the space.  

The timeline for the work will be as follows: Saturday, December 3rd, installation and creation of the space will take place.  Completion of the work will be done before Thursday, December 8th.  Work will be deinstalled on Friday, December 9th.  The completed project will take place in seven days.

Currently reading: W. J. T. Mitchell’s What Do Pictures Want?: The Lives and Loves of Images